The machines are taking over

October 24, 2019

I've worked with CAE for a good few years now, shooting their headshots and events. So this year, when they moved into new premises, I had the chance to work with the engineers to 'pose' their latest simulators in all sorts of strange ways.

There's something incredibly satisfying about getting nearly 100 million pounds worth of kit to all move at once in a manner of your choosing. And I know the engineers enjoyed the request that 'they fly the sim like they've stolen it' for a video I was shooting. You see, you ask a pilot and the movement is smooth and boring. Exactly what you want when you're flying to your hols with them, but for dramatic license, engineers do a better job.

The open day went really well. The Grande Fromage popped over from Canada to cut the ribbon and the new pilot cadets shouldered the responsibility of herding the cats to perfection. I, as always, needed to be in 3 different places at once to shoot speeches, video councillors playing in the sims and documenting the everyday moments for CAE's social team. 

I’m an award-winning commercial and editorial photographer and a real people person. I’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes to deliver everything from advertising images to corporate portrait shots and glossy lifestyle photography.

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