Professional Photographer in Surrey shooting people for a living...

As an experienced commercial portrait photographer, I love nothing more than telling stories through still photography. My camera has captured a wide range of subjects, from the queen to Stephen Hawking. And I take great pride in celebrating brands and businesses too.

Why I’m Different

To be a successful photographer, it’s not all about understanding the mechanisms of a camera. It’s not even about mastering the lighting. My job is to find the unique story that brands and individuals have to tell, and then put subjects in the relaxed position to ensure that those ideas come to life.

My success behind the camera is rooted by a human touch that translates to more relatable content for brands and companies. Moreover, with over 20 years of graphic design experience behind me, I don’t only know what looks great on the camera. I can actively visualise how the final images will look on screen.

Commercial Portraits That Have A Purpose

Anyone can take a nice photo, but capturing the essence of the story a brand has to tell is another challenge altogether. Whether it’s a marketing campaign for a new product, increasing brand awareness in a professional field, or producing headshots for acting, every project is unique.

Whether you know what story you wish to tell or need a little support in this area, my passion behind the camera will showcase your passion in front of it. Together, we will create powerful images that are sure to evoke a big response from your intended audience.