Meet your new Councillors (if you live near me)

June 7, 2019

Most people won't really have much contact with the councillors they elect. They simply put the cross on the ballot and let them get on with the day to day running of their borough. So being asked to do the headshots of newly elected was a chance to have, all be it brief, chat to them all about anything that put them at ease.

I'd liked to have had more time with them, but headshots on mass is never a time-rich event. Still, they're all a lovely bunch and hats off for doing a thankless job most times, to keep the town prodding along.

It was also an added bonus to take the first photo of our new Mayor. Watching what happens behind the scenes when the present Mayor hands over the 'reigns' to the newly appointed. Watching their proud families beam in the background and the officials runs around getting everything in order. It would be nice to take the proper portrait of her, but our tax money needs to be spent elsewhere.

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