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October 10, 2019

Last night I was photographing a Christian Charity awards night hosted by Tim Vine, he of one-liner fame. The nominees were incredibly giving and caring people who have been helping the less fortunate or vulnerable of our society. Truly humbling to hear what people are doing for their community and further afield.

There were charities for the homeless, abused children, the elderly,  those with mental health issues and those with eating disorders. There was a cleaning company set up to get people back to work. It goes to show that we all have what it takes to make the world a better place, but some people have that little extra actually to start doing it.

One fact did make me laugh - other than Tim taking the mick out of me.  When I imported the shots I took last night, the final tally was 666. Revelations 13:18 - The number of the beast (I had to look it up, but I did remember it from the Omen) Seemed fitting somehow. I'm not a religious person in any shape or form. Not to say I don't support that we all have the right to believe in or have faith in anything we choose.  Last night, the Institute of Directors building was full of good old fashioned love.

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