Don't wear jeans for summer event photography

July 1, 2019

I try and dress according to the task. If it's wedding photography, then a suit or super smart casual is donned. If I'm photographing a conference, I try to blend into the background and wear black. So what to wear to an end of year school event? Well it was crazy hot, and I'd been wearing shorts all day, but no one wants to see my pasty legs when they arrive at the evening's event. So I chose the middle ground. Smart jeans and a shirt. MASSIVE mistake. I took about 10 minutes for me to look like I'd ran there and as the event unfolded, my ability to bend down become more and more challenging with the feeling that I was sweating superglue. Next time, light cotton trousers will be the order of the day.

The event itself was great and to get the chance to meet a double Olympic gold medal winner was great, and to hold the medals was a Brucie bonus. Helen Glover MBE was both approachable and delightful to chat to and inspired the girls at the awards night.

I can't show most of the images as the event was at a school, but here are a few from the evening.

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