Domesticated, A animal portrait project

Domesticated animals have long been something that people love to look at. We love to own them, we love to love them, and most of all, we love to look at them. This collection of animal portraits and animal photography tells a story and shows the personality of some of these domesticated animals. 

Wonders Of The World

In this project, there are photos of animals from all over the world. There is always going to be something new and exciting for you to look at, and they all look like they have been taken in a studio setting. Each one of these pictures represents the personality of one of the domesticated animals in some way, and you get to see this expressed in the photography from these pictures that have been taken all over the world. 

An Ongoing Project

The domesticated project is ongoing and is continuing to capture the personality of each animal that is photographed. With so many animals already being part of the collection, you can really start to see and feel the photographs the longer you look at them. The collection shows you what a snake is like, and also shows you the different moods of a dog. There are so many things to see and do, and feeling connected to these animals in some way through the personality that the animal is exhibiting through the photo is something that I have aimed to capture since I started out Domesticated.

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