People of Comic Con

As an editorial photographer, there aren’t many events in the world more exciting to me than Comic-Con. Not because I’m a massive comic book nerd, or that I can speak fluent Klingon. I mean, nerds are in these days, right? But it’s more the incredible smorgasbord of individuals who populate these popular events. And on top of all of that, thousands of them come dressed as their favourite characters from film and TV.

As you might imagine, this gives me some of the most unique and impressive photo opportunities, it is possible for a freelance photographer to get. There are few places as colourful and cosmopolitan as a Comic-Con floor at full capacity. It’s like you’ve crash-landed in your favourite comic book, and you’ve awoken to a sea of superheroes, villains, Jedi knights, zombie killers, and cyberpunk drifters. 

I adore going to Comic-Con and snapping away, as I know I’m always going to come back with some gorgeously dynamic shots. As you’ll see from these photos, I have gone a long way towards trying to capture what these people are trying to embrace here. The world of geeks and entertainment provides so many photo opportunities, and capturing these personal, character-driven stories is a highlight for me.

These unique characters are a fascinating discovery for so many photographers, and it’s great to be able to document the different interpretations that people have for the same characters, and this provides so many amazing chances for diverse comparisons. I thoroughly enjoyed expanding my portfolio at Comic-Con, and this is something I look forward to experiencing again. 

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