Classic Motorbike Photography

If you are interested in classic motorbike photography, then you might be interested to know just how it is done. Automotive photography is becoming a larger field, and you might be interested to see just what a professional can do with the right tools.

Taken In A Garage

These photos were taken in a garage using studio lighting. You might not believe it looking at the photos now, but they were taken in a garage, just like the one that some people have attached to their homes. There was nothing special about this garage other than the fact that studio lighting was used, but the real magic came after the photos were taken.


Even though the original photos were good, they could still be better. Using photoshop, it was possible to make each and every one of these photos look like it was taken in a studio. Being able to photograph a product in a space such as a garage and then take it into Photoshop and create something so beautiful is a skill that not everyone has.

Each photo looks professional, and like it was taken in a true studio, what more could you want? You would never know that these photos had not been taken in various different studios and then compiled together to make one big show. 

Taking average shots from a garage and turning them into what look like studio shots is an excellent thing to do, and Photoshop, along with the correct lighting, made it all possible.

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