7 reasons why a 50mm lens is all you need

October 21, 2019

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a professional commercial photographer, there’s one piece of kit that you shouldn’t be without. A 50mm lens is a versatile addition to any photographer’s toolkit, and it can be used to capture stunning shots of all kinds. From portraits to landscapes, there are several reasons why a 50mm lens is all you need for great photography. If you’re looking for an investment you won’t regret, here are 7 reasons to buy a 50mm lens. 

7 reasons why a 50mm lens is all you need

Whether you have an interest in lifestyle photography, or you’re looking to forge a career as a corporate event photographer, there are multiple reasons why a 50mm lens should be part of your collection.

  1. Versatility: if you’re a photographer with a diverse range of interests, there’s nothing more beneficial than having a camera that can do it all. A 50mm lens is the photographer’s equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. With this type of lens, you can capture portraits and spectacular framed landscape shots.
  1. Travelling light: lifestyle photographers are probably used to travelling around with multiple accessories and an array of lenses. In some cases, however, it might not be practical to take a load of equipment to a specific location with you, or you might find that you want to take photos while you’re not in work mode. Buying a 50mm lens will enable you to travel light without worrying about missing out on the best subjects if you stumble across something that you simply have to capture on film.
  2. Flexibility and spontaneity: staged photographs are often stunning, but sometimes, the best images are taken on the fly. If you’re a photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, the world around you is a canvas and anything can become a subject. With a 50mm lens, you don’t have to be set up with all your gear to achieve incredible results. 

  3. Sharpness and clarity: My aim as a commercial photographer is always to produce spectacular shots, and using a 50mm lens provides stunning levels of sharpness and clarity. 

  4. Low light capabilities: some days, the sun shines and its luminescent rays showcase subjects in all their glory, but the weather cannot always be guaranteed when working as a commercial portrait photographer in Surrey. If the light is poor, or the sunlight is waning, this doesn’t mean that the opportunities to capture beautiful shots have to fade too. These lenses are famed for their ability to allow more light into the shot, due to their wide aperture. 

  5. Enhanced composition: it’s understandable to assume that not having a zoom can limit the scope of your composition, but having a 50mm lens can actually bring benefits. Without the lure of the zoom, photographers are encouraged to get closer to the object, scene or person, and this enables you to isolate the subject in a way that showcases both the foreground and the background.
  1. Beautiful bokeh: bokeh is a term used to describe an effect that blurs part of the image in order to highlight a different element. 

Whether you’re an ambitious amateur, or you’re a professional photographer, there are several benefits to buying a 50mm lens. If all this talk of snapping away has got you thinking about having a photo shoot, or you’re looking for a photographer for an event, we’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line to find out more about my commercial photography services. 

I’m an award-winning commercial and editorial photographer and a real people person. I’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes to deliver everything from advertising images to corporate portrait shots and glossy lifestyle photography.

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