Getting to know the neighbours

January 2, 2020
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Another year has passed and my connection with the local council grows ever stronger. I've turned up too so many events that the locals are starting to recognise me as the go-to photographer.

The best part of this kind of work is I actually get to see the positives that Waverley County Council are up to. This particular project was to show that senior living isn't a miserable existence of loneliness and day time telly. The housing is fresh and new, monitored 24/7 and have mini-communities within them.

I visited most within the local area to meet the residence and got to know those who I share a town with. Sometimes it was like herding cats to get some of the older folk to 'behave' for the shots, but mainly it was cups of tea, nice biscuits and lovely stories about their life.

The magazine came out as the winter edition and the photography looked great.

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